Just a quick question.

Have you noticed the 50odd fish?

It’s been there since day 1.

Once you see it, you can’t un-see it, I’m told.

Take a look: http://www.50odd.co.uk.


  1. Subtle, very subtle, but now you’ve pointed it out and got my attention it’s also very very effective!

  2. I have always seen it, But but then logos are also my business, so I’d be shamefaced if it had escaped my attention.

    I had ruminated about its meaning and had come to a few possible alternatives:

    1. You were a subtle but committed Christian who thought this was cooler than putting a fish on the rear of your car.

    2. That it was an ‘AngelFysh’ – but then I looked at the AngelFysh logo and other members of the school are nor apparent. (Although they’d look good swimming in opposite directions within the negative space on the S for example)

    3. As the fish is swimming right to left, yet we read from left to right, that you were somehow swimming against the tide.

    4. You just like fish.

    I would keep the real reason a mystery. It creates a bigger ‘Smile in the Mind’ when a viewer discovers it for themselves and attributes their own meaning to its symbolism.

    But you could tell me in a PM. And I promise to keep the secret. 😉

    • Shaughn the next two 50odd stories are about logo design.

      I am very interested in what you think of them.

      The first one explores why something quite particular is happening in the world of luxury fashion branding right now.

      The second one is an insight into what I personally think makes a great logo designer…

      …Or what identifies an idiot that thinks they are a logo designer.

      So if you are still speaking to me after that, I am really keen to know what you think please.

      (You will be – as you are excellent).

      That said, you will be able to add to the narrative. I do want to know the good and bad of what you feel about my views please.

      Be cutting if necessary!

      I can take it.

      Thank you Shaughn.


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