There’s a difference between finding yourself.

And being yourself.

The first takes patience, honesty and insight.

The second takes bravery.


The reason I say this is because of my own journey.

I’ve paused.

Properly, I mean.

I’m having a really good look at who I am.

And what I want to do.

And what I am actually for.

Just in my professional life at the moment.

As a seasoned and senior creative.

And the good news is that I have actually found myself.

I have pinned down who I am.

And I now know what I am for.


Being it is harder, though.

That takes bravery.

I am staring at the new me.

Right now.

Because I am about to start to ‘be’ it.

With a new business name.

New logo.

New website.

New narrative.

And it’s frightening.


So I just wanted to point out to you.

And to me.

That if you are.

On any level at all.

Telling yourself that you are pausing.

With a view to finding yourself.

Be prepared for the second bit.

The ‘being’ bit.

Because if you can’t find the bravery to stand up and ‘be’.

Don’t bother trying to find out who you are and what you want to do.

Finding and Being.

Finding and being.

For real change.

You need both.


  1. Graham Armitage Reply

    Thank you Michael. Whilst I’m struggling with the first stage, this is a useful reminder to prepare myself for the second.

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