Increasingly – our minds crave food.

That’s one of the reasons Social Media is so prolific.

(Or do our minds increasingly crave food because Social Media is so prolific?)

Either way…

We get bored.


You’ve probably heard this joke doing the rounds:

I just went to toilet.

Without my phone.

There are 318 floor tiles in there don’t you know?

And there’s methylchlorozanoline in my shampoo.


Social Media.

Almost all businesses can benefit from Social Media’s reach.

But it has to be done right.

Here’s a little something that you’ll benefit from remembering.

If you want to use social media platforms to tell your story.

Morning, Noon and Night.

Basically, minds are hungry for different kinds of food at different times.


Inspire your audience.

BOOST them!

FEED their minds with something fast, sparky and uplifting.

Something to make them BOUNCE into their day (and remind them about the benefits of using your brand if you can, too).


Educate and inform your audience.

We get most bored in the middle of the day.

We’re primed for learning.

Nothing too heavy mind…

But do teach me a little something.

Something in or around your business (stay on brand!)

And I’ll love you for it.


Entertain me.

I’m in relaxed mode.

Now is the time to feed me the fun stuff.

Again, stay on brand though…

If you’re a Cat Sanctuary them maybe a kitten balancing a ball on it’s nose is cool!

But if you’re not… it’s not.


MORNINGS: Inspire.

DAYTIME: Educate and Inform.

EVENING: Entertain.

Feed Me!

Feed my mind with the right stuff – at the right time.

Endnote: If you feed educational and informative things out there in the middle of the day, recipients can (and very often do) save anything they want until the evening.

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