When we’re asked, ‘What do you do?’ – I don’t think we answer that question at all. We answer this question instead: ‘What do people like you do?’

It’s because we’re nice. Helpful. We give relatable responses. And that can sound, well, boring. I updated my LinkedIn profile this week. To this:

“I’m a fan of Underthinking. Underthinking is doing what your gut said today, today. I help business leaders Underthink, get unstuck, and act. Also, I think Marketing and Brand should be entertaining. Fun. Funny. Brave. Marketing that just tells you stuff – no good. Don’t do that.”

In summary, my work is Fast and Funny.

Yes; I’m a Brand & Marketing Director and Copywriter. That’s what I do. My uniqueness is the Fast and Funny bit. It’s what I enjoy, and it’s definitely best for clients too. It works.

So when they ask, ‘What do you do?’ – tell them. Tell them what you, and only you do. How only you can.

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