Once upon a time.

Chemistry sets were marketed only at boys.

Daft, that.

I always thought.

So it’s good that the balance is being redressed.


I am reminded of the appeal of boyhood Chemistry Sets when I help successful businesses.

Businesses I help to turn into brands.

(That means they want to focus down on the essence of why they exist.

Then point everything towards this North Star.

So people fall in love with not only ‘what’ they do.

But ‘why’ they do, too).

I am reminded of the appeal of boyhood Chemistry Sets when I help aspiring brands because aspiring brands are experimental by nature.

They are more experimental than they imagine.

So they are more interesting than they imagine.

And I encourage them to tell stories of their experimentation as much as possible.


Markets like reading about experimental brands.

Markets like reading about things that aspiring brands try.

Markets like reading about the ups and the downs of a business as they explore.

Because the ups and the downs show they’re human.

And that builds empathy.

Storytell Your Experiments.

You’ll sometimes wonder what to say across social media.

Or in your PR.

Well here’s the suggestion.

Talk about your experiments.

Talk about the fact that you take little risks.

On your time.

With your money.

Because you know it’s wrong to treat customers as guinea pigs.

And because you know your never-ending yearning to be better is real.

And you know it makes sense that your customers know too.

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