You know those annoying people that seem to be good at everything.

Don’t you just hate them?

But don’t you want to be a little bit like them, too?

Well – I think that you can.


These people are not good at everything. I think they just try lots of different things. And, mostly, we remember the ones they were good at.

David Bowie will, in my mind and in the mind of millions of others too, go down in history as a genius.

His music, his characters, his film roles, his quips and wit in interviews, his sense of style.

All great.

His Laughing Gnome was not so great though. And his acting with Bing Crosby at the start of The Little Drummer Boy was a bit weird.

A genius nonetheless.

Ricky Gervais has had hits and misses. James Corden is a hero to some and downright annoying to others.

But the reason I mention these examples is because they have all done good and bad things. Things that people loved and things that people laughed at.

But they kept on going anyway.

Do It For You

Perhaps the key is to do lots of different things for yourself? And to not worry what people might think.

These guys didn’t know they were going to be good at it before they did it.

How are we supposed to know what we’re great at until we try?

They had to give it a go to find out. So I may give one or two new things a go myself, and not worry about being a little ropey at the beginning.

After all – to get to ‘great’, we almost always have to go through ‘OK’ and ‘good’, don’t we?

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  1. With EVERYTHING came the reminder to worry less about what people think & do whatever you need to do for you. This piece made me think about a presentation that I did this morning for my networking event. I was talking about the key factors in promoting wellbeing using only my kitbag full of props. I decided to have fun and to assume that if I did there was a greater chance that my audience might too … I told myself to just enjoy the dammed thing or not bother… and so I did!
    BOOM! Maybe perfect imperfection is the outcome to strive for and from now on I intent to apply that to EVERYTHING dear Michael

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