I was in London last week.

Brick Lane.

And at one point I was sat in a really lovely coffee shop.

Called ‘Nude’.


Excellent Coffee.

The people that worked there were a bit daft though.

Because whilst their coffee was excellent.

Their doors were rubbish.

And they knew it.

(Yet they did nothing about it).

The Doors. 

The little cafe had double doors.

Lovely, they were.





Both doors had spindled handles on both sides, too.


But the problem was that only one door opened.

And that door only opened one way.

(Spoiler alert!

The right hand door opened inwards).


Now, in the grand scheme of things in this wobbly world of ours.

This is not of global significance.

It’s just a daft niggle.

But it is such an easily mendable niggle.

That someone should bloody well mend it.


Each time someone approached the door.

From the inside or the outside.

They had a conundrum.

First, is it the right door or the left door that opens?

Second, do I pull it or do I push it?

And invariably.

With a 1 in 4 chance of getting it right.

The customer would choose the wrong door.

And/or push when they should have pulled.

Resulting in a loud rattle.

A red faced customer.

(The British are like that when they draw attention to themselves).

And everyone in the front half of the cafe raising their head because of the noise.


Over and over and over.

One of the really lovely waitresses saying,


Everyone does that…

Little Things. 

In business.

The little things can be the big things.

And I think that a business that looks after the little things.

Is more likely.

By it’s nature.

To look after the big things, too.

So, on the outside of the door, a teeny professionally made sign saying:

“Welcome. Please Pull This Door & Come On In.”

And on the inside.

“Thank You So Much For Calling. Push This Door & Away You Go. See You Soon.”

Would do the job.



On the way in.

And on the way out.


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  1. Great point. So sad not to make the small adjustments we can easily make! Great example/lesson. And for everyone’s sake…

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