You can always do more. 

I want Always Wear Red to be on Wolf & Badger’s excellent online portal. And in their London flagship store.  And in their New York store.

There is a process to try to achieve this. It is:

  1. Go to their website.
  2. Fill a form in.
  3. Wait 2 weeks.

So I did this:

  1. Researched their world.
  2. Went to their website.
  3. Filled in a form.
  4. Sent an additional, bespoke document exploring and explaining in a lighthearted way, why our brands are a good match based on values and purpose and quality.
  5. Travelled from Newcastle to London so I could go to the opening of their new store. (The actual opening was 1 week before their blanket email invitation to general email subscribers suggested. The Internet told me this).
  6. I tracked down, through a good friend (Steve) Wolf & Badger’s founders Henry and George. They were there.
  7. I spoke to George briefly and introduced myself. He was tired. The flagship store opening is a big thing for George. I shook his hand and left him alone.
  8. I spoke to Henry and introduced Always Wear Red. Henry complimented and felt the 100% cashmere, double-thick Red Camo AWR scarf I was wearing. He was tired too. So I left him alone.
  9. I told social media all about my adventure in London with Wolf and Badger.
  10. I emailed the decision makers at Wolf and Badger to congratulate them on their store opening. And to tell them I was there. And that I’d met Henry and George.
  11. When I got back to AWR HQ I pulled a Red Camo Scarf from stock, had it hand labelled, beautifully packaged and sent to Henry.
  12. A few days later I emailed to ask how the AWR application was going and to see if Henry got our scarf. He did and he loves it, I am told. They’ll let me know in a few days if we are in or out.


The interesting thing is, I’ve achieved nothing at all here. Apart from a whole load of invested time, a trip to London (train, hotel…) and a gifted £290 scarf.

But I feel great!

Clearly I want to work with the wonderful Wolf and Badger. But that’s their decision. All I can do now is wait for a bit. I’ll keep in touch weekly.


Have I done enough to get in?

Gosh I don’t know.

I’ve been preparing for moments like this for 5 years, though.

So let’s see.

I’ll keep you posted.

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