All businesses are emotional.

Every one.

Because if they are not.

They can’t connect.

And if they can’t connect.

They can’t build relationships.

And if they can’t build relationships.

They die.


It’s a balance though.

Too schmaltzy is no good either.

Make us care.

But don’t make us sick.


And remember that you are not trying to get everyone to connect emotionally.

That’s impossible.

Decide what you want to do that matters.

And who you want it to matter to.

Then connect emotionally with them.


The last thing I’ll say on this is how to identify your audience.

One fundamental consideration.

Is to forget trying to define them demographically.

Define them instead by how they think.

By mindset.

Choose to talk to, influence and connect emotionally with a set of people that think similarly.

As opposed to a set of people that fit together by some increasingly arbitrary descriptor such as age.

You’ll do better.


Be emotional.

Unashamedly so.

And connect.

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