On Tuesday 26th February.


At about 7pm.

I put on the album ‘Spirit of Eden’ by Talk Talk.

I don’t know why because I haven’t done so in ages.

Maybe it’s because my friend Carlo was chatting about 80’s music on his Instagram a few weeks ago.


It was just on YouTube.

Nothing as evocative or beautiful as slipping a vinyl record from its sleeve, I’m afraid.

But as it’s an evocative and beautiful album – that’s OK.

What wasn’t OK though was one of the comments on YouTube next to the album.

It was an RIP for lead singer Mark Hollis.


Sadly, this is true.

He died yesterday aged 64.

I used to listen to Talk Talk a lot between 1988 and 1990.

Because my slightly unusual friend Graham Knight was a fan.

I wasn’t even sure, as a 20(ish) year old boy whether Talk Talk did songs.

They all seemed to blur into one.

But that was, somehow, absolutely fine.

Spirit of Eden.

Spirit of Eden is an album that will fill your room.

And your senses.


Remember, this is 30 years ago.

Don’t wait for choruses and verses or catchy melodies.

It’s cinematic, layered, surprising, experimental and just lovely.

It is also an album that has no favourite tune for me.

In the same way that a beautifully balanced meal has no one ingredient or item that stands out.

A perfect gathering.


That said, the vocals on Inheritance are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

The very last line of Inheritance, sung by Mark Hollis (and I hope you listen to it) will never be so poignant as it is today.

Here it is (please go to www.50odd.co.uk/eden):


  1. I’m giving it a listen for the very first time right now. I’ll let you know what I think later. Early indications are favourable. Thank you for the introduction.

    • Shaughn if you like them, ‘Spirit of Eden’ and ‘The Colour of Spring’ are the best albums I think.

      A strange and beautiful band.

      A collection of nice noises.

      Some of them turn into songs I think.

      I could listen to Spirit of Eden buzzing away in the background for quite some time.

      Thanks again.

  2. Going in for a second listen. After a quick sashay through ‘Life’s What You Make It’. Beautiful, interesting and conducive to work.

    Why did I never get past the chart hits back in the day?

    Probably too busy finessing my then considerable quiff with ozone-depleting quantities of Elnett hairspray and shellac that I used to import all the way from the states.

    Got to make up for lost time.

  3. Mark Hollis was a true visionary.
    Talk Talk is the sound of my youth.
    RIP Mark
    Rest Easy Beautiful Soul

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