This is our dog in the photograph. Frank.

The photograph was taken in November 2017.

Frank wore the reindeer antlers only for a few moments.

The reason that Frank was dressed Christmassy as early as November was because he was being paid. Solstock, my friends’ photo library business wanted to take pictures of our family. And Frank was part of the day.

He even had his own release form.

How nice!


Anyhow this year, I’ve been playing Christmas songs in the office (well, Alexa has) since 1st October.

And I’ve decided that I want to put the tree up on the 1st of November.

I really love Christmas. So I am making it come early.

If I can have christmassy things going on for three months instead of two weeks or whatever we’re ‘supposed’ to do, I am happier.


I think I am in a minority here.

Making Christmas appear this early.

I expect that everyone reading this (yes, both of you) may grumble at these extended festivities.

But I do love Christmas.

And firsts.

So please allow me to be the first to say this to you this year:

Merry Christmas x

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