So; how is your driving?

Product Driven.

Are you Product Driven?

That means you’re a business owner driven primarily by focusing on what you do.

Believing that this approach alone is good enough for you to win.

Believing that just by highlighting what you do.

People will see what you see.

And they’ll jump on board.

And buy.

Market Driven.

Or are you Market Driven?

That’s acknowledging the actual needs of consumers.


Market Driven is understanding and looking to fulfil what they actually want.

And, to a degree, developing your offer around that.


That certainly sounds a bit better.

It sounds like you’ll stand a better chance of success that way.

But hang on.

There’s a third way.

What about actually Driving the Market?

Driving the Market.

Driving the Market is believing in something.

It’s having an opinion and acting on it.

It’s doing something and saying something that resonates.

It’s doing something and saying something that joins, and accelerates, an existing conversation.

Driving the Market is harnessing, and maybe even changing, people’s minds.


Driving the market takes people with you.

People that believe what you believe will come with you.

People that want to see the change you are promising to make will come with you.

Driving the market is being pioneering.

And brave.

And clear about what you are actually for.

What’s Best for You?

So what’s best for you?

  1. Product Driven.
  2. Market Driven.
  3. Driving the Market.

For someone like me, it is definitely 3.

Because ‘Driving the Market’ is what floats my boat.

I like to be different.

I like to be noticed for doing something that matters.

I like to express my opinion.

And I like to change things.


And you?

I don’t know what’s best for you.

But what I do know is this.

If you are a ‘1’ – get someone to help you to tell your story.

Join the dots between what you do and what people want if you want to stand a chance of succeeding in the long term.

If you are a ‘2’ – first do the same as ‘1’.

And also have a good look around to see who else is like you.

Listen to who is saying what you are saying.

Because even a market driven approach will be invisible in an overly-crowded and under differentiated space.

You need to say why you are different.

And why you are a better choice.

And if you think you are a 3.

Hone your argument.

Tell your story.

Over and over and over.

Not to win business.

But to actually make the change you say you want to make.

That’s the best way for ‘number 3’s’ to behave.

And be patient.

Very patient.

Because it’s going to take time.


But whatever you decide.

Be like all good drivers.

Know where you’re going.


And keep your eye firmly on the road ahead.

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