Please read this story here (you need the photo):

The title of this short story?

That’s that noise Homer Simpson makes.

When he’s done something daft.


Authentically contributive businesses are the best business.

They matter.

These are the businesses that care authentically about reducing waste, recycling, the environment, physical and mental health, principles as well as profits and more.


But it’s a big deal to commit to such things properly.

It’s hard.

It takes a lot of thought and effort.

And that’s why  I reference ‘authenticity’.

Because if you’re just pretending to care.

So you sell more stuff.

You’ll get found out.

Raja UK

Now, I am not saying that Raja UK are not authentic when they say:

Together let’s be more eco-responsible.

But what I am saying is that.

When Raja UK send two identical catalogues.

To two different people.

When the brand they are targeting.

Employs only two people.

That’s daft.

Take Care.

If we really do care.

We have to be really thorough.

We have to think things through.

Because if the Raja UK marketing department are encouraging me to think green and buy green.

And someone else in the same department can’t be arsed to clean the database.

Something’s wrong.

So let’s hope Raja UK are just starting this journey.

And that data cleaning is on the to-do list.

And not the to-Doh list.


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