In Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, Oliver had no qualms about asking for more gruel. He didn’t get any. Instead, he got hit on the head with a spoon.

180 years later, when those bloody marketers ask you for more budget this year than last, you should do exactly the same. Say, ‘no’ I mean. Not twat them on the head with a spoon.


Start with NO.

Anyhow; here’s why you should start with ‘no’.

The more compelling, motivating, simple, consistent, differentiated and distinctive your (owned) brand position is, the LESS you have to spend on marketing. Because prospects more easily understand why you are different and better and why to choose you. So the MORE your sales should increase. And the MORE profit you should make.

A good marketer for a great brand will ask for LESS marketing budget year on year (as a proportion of turnover), because the brand is strong. Additional budget is just not needed.

Those are the headlines. And it’s nuanced. Everything is. But a decent brand and marketing bod will explore and exploit this undeniable truth in detail with you.

It’s Your Fault.

So there you go. The reason you need LESS marketing spend as a proportion of turnover year-on-year is because you’re a strong brand. Unless of course, you’re’re not. Then you do have to give your marketers more money year on year to just shout louder than the rest.

But then this silly, boring, naive profit erosion is not really (just) their fault, is it?

It’s yours.

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