These two gentlemen are both highly respected for what they do professionally. 

Phil is a Producer / Director type.

Carlo founded and leads a property development brand. And he co-founded The Do Lectures.

Mucking About.

It has however come to my attention that, alongside these positions of responsibility (and I think that this photograph goes some way towards supporting my claim) they spend time ‘mucking about’.

It’s a disgrace.

When I was about 20 I imagined that 50(ish) old men should not be doing this kind of thing.

Rather, they should be reading the broadsheets in their sheds, watering plants and working out whether PEPs were better than ISAs or ISAs are better than PEPs.

The Baker Boy caps they are both wearing (blatant plug coming up) are as classic as they are cool.

They are from Always Wear Red.

Do I want the brand that I created associating with men that somehow manage to join the dots between  leading their profession, having a giggle and looking cool? All at the same time?


I do.

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  1. And that beautiful AWR specimen on my barnet always travels in its lovely little bag. Keep buggering on Mike as my hero Mr Churchill so eloquently put it. And remember ‘the details are not the details they make the design ‘ (another hero – Charles Eames).

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