The Do Lectures is an annual occurrence in Wales.

And it is the only truly 100% World Class event I have ever attended.

So when I was there this year.

Why did I find myself stirring coffee with a dirty spoon?


Coffee at Do is Extract Coffee.

It is excellent coffee.

Every bean roasted just for Do.

Your beans ground – just for you – while you wait.

In a Do farm outhouse.

And very often just as the sun is rising.

Morning 3.

On morning 3 of 3, I got my mug – and a hug – from the barista.

It was great to see him.

He knew what I wanted to drink by now.

And he knew the colour of the enamel mug I chose each day.

So he carefully crafted my first coffee of the day in front of me.

In a shiny, red enamel mug.

And laid it down – gently – in front of me.

File right.



With a smile.

I file right.

And at the end of the bench there is sugar.

And there are spoons.

I plop one lump of brown sugar into the foamy flat white.

And I pause.

Dirty Spoons.

I look down and in front of me and I see two white mugs sat side by side.

Both mugs contain spoons.

One labelled ‘Clean’.

One labelled ‘Dirty’.

I stand perfectly still.

And I pause some more.

Until – after 15 seconds or so.

I decide.

I reach for a dirty spoon and – with a satisfying clink, clink, clink – I stir my coffee in the sunshine before smiling and popping the spoon back into the mug from where it came.

And I shuffle away.


When something truly affects you.

When an experience is truly world class.


And real.

It changes how you see things.

And your behaviour.

And your decision making.


You see; these spoons weren’t dirty.

They had just been chosen by some of the most excellent people in the world.

To stir some of the most excellent coffee in the world.

And considering what we had all shared over those days in Wales, sharing a spoon seemed fine to me.

And, of course, it’s less washing up for the superb volunteers that drive this event.


I pondered this part.

The ‘less washing up’ part.

As I sipped my coffee.

I wondered if it really would make a difference.

Me choosing one solitary dirty spoon.

The answer is – I have absolutely no hesitation in telling you – yes.

Anything you or I or anyone does makes a difference.

Because from every tiny spoon decision.

Will spring much bigger decisions.

Do 12

I don’t know how deep Do goes with people.

I don’t know if, at Do 12 next year we will see one mug packed to the brim with ‘Clean’ spoons.

And in the other mug – a single solitary ‘Dirty’ one.

But because of one simple truth.

That little actions really can change the world.

Maybe we will.

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