Could you entertain the idea that the thing you fear most.

Is the thing that you are actually destined to do or be?

Could that be true?


There must be something in this.

Something that I have always said fills me with knuckle-whitening, brow-wetting, heart-quickening fear is stand up comedy.

My friend David Taylor ( did this a few years ago.

In a proper, grown up comedy club in London.

Much respect!

Actually if there’s a bigger word than respect – that’s what I actually mean.



But I remain interested in this… the idea that the thing you fear most is the thing you are destined to be or do.

Is this masochism do you think?

Because I actually quite like the feeling of white knuckles.

And the scary, involuntary dampening of my brow.

For no reason.

And the quickening heartbeat, too.


It’s adrenaline I suppose.

The thought of standing up and telling jokes to strangers.

The idea of saying something that you yourself have crafted to be funny.

But what then if no one laughs.

I feel sick at the very thought!

What about you?

What about you?

What do you fear most?

And, because you fear it so intensely, is that the very reason you should be doing it?

I can’t quite get my head around this notion.

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