I don’t know who you are or what your business does. I don’t know your most profitable offering or your core customer profile. But I do know your next big opportunity.

Your customers are desperate for different. They won’t say it out loud… but they are.

All you have to do – is do it. Be it. Have better and braver ideas. Be more creative. Push further. If you’re asking, ‘No! We can’t do that can we?’ The answer is yes. You can. And you should.

Customers are so bloody bored with business, because business is bloody boring. When was the last time – in your life – that you went for a meal, or into a shop, or you used a tradesperson that was so distinctive and memorable (for a good reason that they had clearly engineered) that they remain lodged in your mind – today.

Being different in business is super rare. Which is surprising. Because customers really are desperate for different. And that’s why ‘different’ is your next big opportunity.

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