I’m relaunching Always Wear Red soon.

Sometime in September 2020.

I really am focussed on creating the best hand knits in the world.


Because I can do it.

And if I don’t – someone else will.

So it may as well be me.

Left and Right.

When I talk about Always Wear Red jumpers to people.

I see two little lights on top of their head flick on and off.

The little light on their right flicks on when they start to desire what I am creating.

The little light on their left flicks on when they look to give themselves permission to have it.

Desire and Permission

The desire light flicks on when I talk about hiding.

Hiding inside a beautiful ‘hug’ of a jumper.

Like the child they used to be.

Hiding from the big, bad world.

The permission light flicks on when I talk about world class quality.

A jumper that will last lifetimes.

A jumper that so rarely needs to be washed because of the antimicrobial quality of 100% Merino Wool.

A jumper with a carefully developed genderless shape so it can be shared.

And the fact that they’ll be surprised by how much they love an Always Wear Red jumper as it wears in.

As opposed to the familiar disappointment they feel as clothing they’ve had in the past wears out.


When you’re building a brand.

Don’t forget brains.

The right part looks for something to desire.

The left part looks for permission to have it.

So talk to both.

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