I will keep writing these stories for 10 years. Every day. So that’s about 3,650 stories in total.

I’m chronicling all of my 50s, unfiltered. I am trying to inspire you to do good things and not do lazy or stupid things. Normally by pointing out how stupid I’ve been so you can develop avoidance strategies or how, occasionally, I did OK so you can copy.

The only thing that might get in the way of me working my way through my 50s and my promise to write to you every day is if I become dead. There is a 30% chance of this happening. About 70% of men in the UK get to the age of 60 and about 30% don’t.  So even though I plan to be part of the majority, I may not be.

Therefore, if for whatever reason I become dead before July 26th 2028, I wanted to point out the rules of this website for you today.

THE RULES OF 50odd.co.uk

  1. If any of my chatter inspires you to make positive change of any kind – at any point – and I suddenly end up dead before the end of this 10 year project, the value I have added to your life is still valid currency. So if you say (something like), “Oooh, he died so I’ll not bother making an effort any more,” this is cowardly and stupid. So I’ll not allow you to get away with that. If you do take this cowardly and stupid direction I will haunt you from my dead place and cast a spell that will make you wet the bed. Forever.
  2. If I do end up dead before completing my 3,650 stories, Lisa will pin this story to the top of the blog for ever and trigger it to be sent to you, every day. So anyone (including you) that uses my sudden and early demise as an excuse for not embracing life fully will be reminded every day that you were doing great. So keep going.
  3. If you are by some quirk inspired to do positive things because of anything you read here, please remember you are doing it for you – not me – so whether I am alive or dead it doesn’t matter. Continue to treat yourself and other people well, push yourself, chase your dreams and please refer back to my tales of insecurity, inadequacy and the occasional success with a smile.
  4. And finally, please pass 50odd.co.uk on.  I’d consider as little as 100 stories (so about 3 months) to be a useful catalogue of tales. So if you know any other people that might benefit from my rhetoric, tell them about this website. You and they can sign up here to receive the stories that I write when I am alive, to your inbox, every day.  And as I am alive at the moment, you can act on this one immediately.

Thank you for reading.

If I am not dead tomorrow, I’ll write some more.

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