When I look at rubbish online.




Random videos of people falling over.

I can feel myself getting weaker.

I can feel myself starting to curl.


I can actually feel the curling.

Like a drying, dying leaf.

I feel the decay.

Because I’m hungry for nourishment.

I’m hungry for the uplift that useful information gives me.

But I get drawn in.

I get drawn in to a double-whammy of crapness.

The crap I look at.

Then the crap I feel because I looked at crap.

And that’s when I can feel myself starting to curl.


Guilt has a lot to do with it.

I feel guilty.



And a tiny bit angry too.

Angry at the ‘other me’.

The other me that taps and swipes and taps and swipes some more.

Desperately looking for something to save me from the dross.

Instead of just hitting the off button.

Screen time. 

My average daily screen time in 2019 was over 8 hours.

Sometimes much more.

Embarrassing, really.

It is time to disconnect.

And reconnect.

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