Pop to 50odd.co.uk. There’s a photo with this story you should see.

This is what Billy Casper from Ken Loach’s 1969 film ‘Kes’ looks like today.

The last time you saw Billy (David Bradley) he was 14.

He won a BAFTA at 15.

At the end of this wee tale, I’ll tell you something David said that might just change your life.

The Meal

These images are from 16th January 2019 at the exceptional Black Horse Bar, East Bolden, North East England.

It’s owned by original Toy Dolls lead singer Pete Zulu (pictured).

Carlo Navato, Co-Founder of The Do Lectures was with us too.

After the meal we played vinyl (from Pete’s 3,000+ collection) until 2am.

There are 2 reasons I am posting this story.

1. This is me with people that that keep me going. That keep me here. Not because they add value to my life – because they tell me I add value to theirs. This is more valuable to me than anything they could ever do for me.

2. What David said. Here’s a tricky subject… and one that can probably only happen after wine… What the fuck do you do when, at 14, you are THE key character in arguably the greatest British movie ever? What next?! David smiled. A fan of musical genius Keith Jarrett David said: “Who ever said that the crescendo has to come at the end of the song? If it comes at the beginning, we can spend the rest of the time enjoying the symphony can we not?”


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