I was chatting to a fellow business owner last week.

Steve, it was.

And we agreed on this:

The most creative businesses in the world.

Are the best businesses in the world.

We didn’t expand on it much.

We just said it.


And moved on.


I used to run agencies in my thirties and early forties.

Digital Agencies.

Brand Agencies.

Marketing Agencies.

And Creative Agencies.


I didn’t spend much time ‘creating things’ for clients.

Not for the first ten years anyhow.

I spent the first ten years building superb digital, brand, marketing and creative teams.

But me personally?

It’s only been the last ten years or so that I’ve thought and worked creatively on the front line.

And I just wanted to point out that.

In my experience.

The most creative businesses in the world.

Businesses that live their own creativity.

Businesses that embrace my creativity.

Really are the best businesses in the world.


Creative businesses listen harder.

Think further.

Adventure more.

They ask:

Why not?

Much more than they ask:


And they are much better to work with (and for) than cautious, uncreative people.



The last point I want to make about creative businesses.

Is this.

There’s a really great question to ask about businesses that call them creative.

And that question is:


You see, it’s not good enough to just say you’re creative.

It’s not enough to just say (something like):

We’re creative because we create things.

(That’s like saying we’re a restaurant because we sell food.

It’s thoughtless.

And it’s dull).

And it’s not good enough to do the odd apparently creative thing here or there either.

Truly creative businesses just ‘are’ creative.

In everything they do.

So as I say.

If you consider yourself to be a creative business.

Or you might even call yourself a Creative Agency.

There is a really important question to ask yourself with regards to you yourself as a creative force.

And that question is this:


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