If you remember this.

You will stop you being derailed.

By some of the crappiness life throws at you.




Nonlinearity is real.


There is no exact formula for a great life.

Well; not really.

Being kind helps.

As does being generous.

And working hard.

But for the most part – crappiness happens.

And nonlinearity plays a big part in this.

Here’s a reminder how nonlinearity works.

Outputs are not always proportional to inputs.

Nonlinearity is where the relationship between what you do.

And what you get.

Cannot be explained.


The thing we call ‘fairness’.

Or ‘justice’.

Would dictate that any outcome should change in proportion to a change in input.

The more I do.

The more I get.

For instance.

But life takes us by surprise.

And teaches us otherwise.


My approach is changing to this nonlinearity lark.

I derail less because of unexplainable crappiness.

Because crappiness is not exceptional.

Or unfair.

Or unjust.

It’s just part of my journey.

And whilst I’ll never learn how to remove the crappiness.

I have learned where the non-crappiness is.

And, even though it’s a bit of a nuisance.

The non-crappiness is very often nestled just the other side of the crappiness.


So get your wellies on.

Wade through the crappiness.

And find the happiness.

(This lovely, rhyming ending.

Was donated by my friend. 

Jessica Thamm. 

Thank you, Jessica).

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