You need to see Izobel’s diagrams for this.

So please go here:

Corolla Virus. 

In an important update from our Izobel.

Here is the latest information regarding the Corolla Virus.

Diagram. Top left.

If you are dancing with someone.

The Corolla Virus will not get you if there is a ceiling fan.

Diagram. Top Right.

The bigger your head.

The more likely the Corolla Virus is to land on it.

(But only the version of Corolla Virus that looks like a spider.

And wears shoes).

Diagram. Bottom Centre (and bottom left):

If you see the version of Corolla Virus that looks like a small sunshine with a smiley face floating around.

Sit back-to-back with someone on two chairs to stay safe.

Or better still, sit a few metres away (bottom left).

Watching other people sat back-to-back.



If I get any more updates on the Corolla Virus from Izobel.

I’ll let you know when she gets home from nursery.

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