Running a business can be paralysing.

You try something.

And it doesn’t work.

So you feel crap.

Forgetting of course.

That the reason you tried it in the first place.

Was to find out if it was going to work or not.

Forgetting that.

Until you try.

You don’t know.

And forgetting that the trying.

Is the point.


There is a way to feel better about trying though.

A way to feel better because you’ll start to succeed more than you’ll fail.

And that its to set your coordinates better.

To make sure that.


You are moving in the most-right direction.

And doing the most-right things.

Getting Before Setting.

Great coordinate ‘setting’.

Follows great coordinate ‘getting’.

Which means making sure you get your coordinates from the best possible place.

And that is.


Your target customer(s).


Its obvious really.

The better you know your customers.

The better you’ll set your coordinates.

And the more times you’ll succeed.

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