I paused recently.

To pick out the coolest song I know.

From forever.

And I came up with this one.


It’s a song about a subject matter that most people can’t relate to.

A song that is written and then sung by a guy that.


He’s not the best singer.

A song that.

In places.

Has awful phrasing.

That packs in far too may words in some lines.

Far too few in others.

And that chooses to rhyme one word with exactly the same word in the very next line.

So it’s not really rhyming at all.

It is a song that has a (predominantly) two note bass line.

And he even fills in with a whole load of ‘doot-de-doots’ when he feels like it.

Or when he can’t be arsed penning new words.

‘Still think it’s the coolest song I know.

From the very.





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