I have some good news for you today. 

It is:

There is no direct correlation between how cool you are and how old you are.

Most significantly, it is not true that the older you get the less cool you get.

In fact – if you do it right – you get cooler as you get older.

Classic cool.

I am in dangerous territory now.

The wrong kind of 50 year old guy using words like ‘cool’ or ‘disco’ is a terrible thing.

But I just wanted to point out that the coolness of Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and Marvin Gaye is ageless.

And timeless.

So if you’re knocking on a bit, all is not lost.

Classic cool is the best kind of cool.

These days, most ‘cool’ is manufactured.



So take a look at the images that go with this post at 50odd.co.uk.

And channel what they’ve got.

Most of them are sadly no longer with us. So they don’t need their ‘cool’ any more anyway.

Good luck.

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