In early 2019.

A super-bright brand chap that I know called Simon Middleton.

(Author of Build a Brand in 30 Days).

Wrote a short publication.

Called ‘The Contributive Business.’

Here’s what Simon said about this piece.

In early 2020:

Just over a year ago, in February 2019, I wrote a a series of articles on the theme of what I called The Contributive Business. I also published it in e-book form (more a short e-pamphlet than a book).

Given the extraordinary circumstances of the present time, and some of the responses to to the Covid 19 crisis, and its dramatic effects on society and the economy, both now and in the future… the idea of The Contributive Business suddenly seems even more relevant than it did a year ago.

With that thought in mind I am publishing the whole of the pamphlet here as one piece.

It’s interesting.

And here it is:

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