This might be the most important little story on

If it is my intention to create urgency.

So that you take action.

And that is my intention.


I am sometimes gregarious.

And sometimes I am not gregarious.

Sometimes I don’t want to go out into the world at all.

I hide.

I do this even in the knowledge that almost every single time I am gregarious.

I have a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant time.

And almost every single time I am not gregarious.

I wish I had been gregarious.


The opportunity for us to be gregarious and to connect is a gift.

An absolute gift.

A joy.

A privilege.

An honour.

Because when we connect with others we have the opportunity to create something magical.

Something unique.

It is an opportunity to create something which has been proven over and over and over again to be the only recognised attributor to true happiness in human beings.

A relationship.


Relationships are amazing.




Relationships are an opportunity to give.

To support.

To delight.

To praise.

To make someone feel amazing.

To be interested.

To listen.

To offer help for absolutely nothing at all in return.

To make someone feel valued and loved.

To make someone smile.

And so it is that we come to the point of this story.

And it is this.

Connect more.

Make more relationships.

That’s it.

Make more relationships.

So that you and they can do all these good things to and for each other.

That’s all I think you should do.

Make more relationships.

One Reason.

There is however one reason above all others that you should make more relationships.

And I will end with that reason in a moment.

But before I do, please watch this 90 second video (you must have sound).

For a few seconds at least.

Ideally, keep listening as you read the last few seconds of this story.

This is beautiful birdsong.

It is the male Kauai ‘O’o bird.

And that should move you.

But what should move you more, is this:

This is the song of the last male Kauai ‘O’o in existence, singing for a partner that does not exist anymore.

Recorded in 1987, this was the last time the song of this species was heard.

It has since been declared extinct.

This is the last male bird of the entire species.

A species that mated exclusively for life.

He is trying his best to attract a female.

But there is no female.

The pauses in his song are where, historically, the female would add her voice.

But there is no other Kauai ‘O’o bird.

There is no one.

He sings in vain.

Soon after, naturally, there were no Kauai ‘O’o birds at all.


There is one reason above all others that you should make more relationships.

And it is the same reason you should encourage people you know to make more relationships too.

It is simply because you can.

So please.



  1. Wow. This is a powerful read/listen, Michael. Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve only recently moved to the North-East and am taking every opportunity to meet new people and build new relationships. Your blog has inspired me to keep going. Thank you!

  2. A stirring item here. Sad and heart-breaking to many (including me). But such an important call to action.

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