There is a simple formula for ‘connection’.

For brand connection, I mean.

(I say formula.

That’s probably not quite right.

Because I don’t think this works every time.

For everybody.

But as no one brand is for every consumer.

No one formula is for every brand.

So on I go).

But there is a definite ‘approach’ to take for greater connection for brands.

A framework.

And here it is.

Humour + Clarity = Connection.


I’ve borrowed this approach from Bill Bernbach.

Specifically, from this reference:

Connect emotionally with your customers.

Bernbach said this was key to selling.

And used both humour and clarity to accomplish this.

Bill Bernbach is the most influential advertising man ever.

The master of so many things in the area of business and brand communication.

And no area more significant than that of persuasion.

And connection.

Humour + Clarity = Connection.

Give it a go.

People like funny people.

It relaxes them.

It’s engaging.



It connects people.

And people like people that are clear too.

Jargon and self-aggrandising bullshit only serves to embarrass or confuse.

So I do see how this works.


And the learning point for businesses and brands?


Keep things simple.

Calm the fuck down.

Be funny.

Be you.

And drop the long words.

Just say what you want us consumers to do, OK?

And if your jokes are funny enough.

Well you never know.

We might just do it.

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