We switched ‘Sky’ off last week. 

It’s spend we don’t need and we have apple TV anyway.

That’s (mostly) free.

I thought I might miss some of the shows.

And the choice.

And I do.

But the thing that took me most by surprise was how non-Sky TV viewing exposes my bad concentration.

When I watch a show I am on my phone, chatting to Izobel, interacting with Colin the collie, checking how dinner is cooking and listening to Lisa.

And because non-Sky TV doesn’t rewind, I’m knackered.


I’m going to have to concentrate.

The audience laugh. I’ve missed the punchline. ‘Nothing I can do.

Is there such a thing as a pause button for life?

So I can watch ‘Would I Lie To You’ without interruption?

Let me know.

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