I am smiling as I compile this list.

Anna Koska has illustrated over 100 books and worked with chefs, writers and publishers from around the globe.

David Hieatt is the founder of The Do Lectures, Howies and Hiut Jeans. David is a personal hero of line.

Luke Sital-Singh is an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter from the UK.

Jack Adair Bevan is an award-winning food and drink writer, and co-author of The Ethicurean Cookbook.

Shana Dressler is the President of Turquoise, a creative leadership consultancy which designs bespoke programs and innovation training for Fortune 500 companies and social impact organizations.

Dan Kieran is a British travel writer, humorist, literary editor and entrepreneur. He is best known for his travel books and for his role as deputy editor of The Idler between 2000 and 2010. He is also a CEO and co-founder of the publishing company Unbound.


I am Michael Owen and I find myself in the company of all of these people at the excellent online home of Carlo Navato’s podcasts.

It is beyond me how I find myself in the company of these brilliant people. Carlo included.

But for as long as the journey lasts – I’ll keep smiling.


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