Sometimes in business.

Common sense is your enemy.

Especially when you’re thinking about brand.

Because brand thinking is different to traditional common sense thinking.


For example, brands that say more things to more people are weaker than those that say fewer things to fewer people.


But true.

A narrowly focused brand that targets a precise market can be very powerful.


Common sense also suggests that saying the same things over and over is dull.

Brand sense says the opposite.

Brand sense tells us that consistency is key to the success of all great brands.

Features and Benefits

And surely telling people what you do is the most important thing of all?

The features of your offering.


It isn’t.

I don’t want to know what you do.

I want to know what you do for me.

I want to understand how I benefit.

Not how it all works.

That’s of no real interest to any consumer in the vast majority of cases.

Brand Sense. 

In business, brand sense is good sense.

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