If you want to build a brand in 2020.

After talking about it for years.

And making excuses for not actually doing it for years.

Or (most likely) not starting to build a proper brand because you just don’t know how to do it.





The sooner you start.

The sooner you’ll have a better year.

The sooner you’ll start to see the profits that all proper brands have the potential to make.

It’ll take you years to build a brand properly.

So commit now.


You make more profit as a proper brand for two reasons.

First, people know why to choose you.

So you’ll sell more.


And second, because the reason to choose you (if indeed you are a proper brand) will be owned by you.

So you have to invest less on marketing.

And if you have to invest less on marketing.

At the same time as your sales going up because people actually (at last!) know why to bloody use you.

You make more profit.


The first step for you to becoming a proper brand.

Is to stop measuring brand communication like sales activity.

Then and only then do you stand a chance of becoming a proper, profitable brand.

Be brand-driven.

Not (just) sales-driven.

Stop looking for immediate payback on every single investment you make in brand.

That’s not the way it works.


In short.


Commit to brand.

I am bored of seeing silly businesses invest too little time.

Too little money.

Too little talent.

And too little effort in brand building.

Giving up after 3 months when they don’t get the results they want.

The results they were never, ever going to get after just 3 months.

You might do that with the gym you join each January.

But don’t do it with brand building.

Because not committing to brand properly may cost you a lot more than the same old wobbly tummy.

It will eventually cost you your ability to compete.


Call me if you want me to help you.

The number is at www.angelfysh.com.

Email me at michael@angelfysh.com.

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Happy 2020.

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