In my past.

And – I am ashamed to say – sometimes in my present too.

I think that I have been more unkind, impatient, curt and disrespectful to those closer to me.

Than I have been with those that are further away.


I am much less like this these days.

At least I think I am.

And I hope I am.

But back in the day it was almost as if.

If you were closer.

This gave me permission to be a bit of a dick.

Or dismissive.

Or, sometimes, just a bit rude.


It was never OK to be like that.

And even though I have seen this kind of thing in other people too.

And in other relationships too.

I still find it a very odd thing.

That I was a less nice person with.

And to.

Those that were closest to me.

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