If you have a child, if you want one, or if you ever were one – this is a very important film.

If you want to see an ego-free political discussion built on doing what is right as opposed to winning today’s argument just for the sake of it – this is a very important film.

If you want to see a man talk about something he believes in in such a way that it will make every political discussion you’ve seen for the last 20 years, plus every one you see in the future reenforced as the stage-managed, self-serving facade that it is – this is a very important film.


I am a big fan of authenticity and purpose. Believing in something. Standing for and then following through and doing something that matters.

This is an example of how 6 minutes and 50 seconds of authenticity and purpose, expressed lovingly, won $20 million for something that I know that you believe in too.



I can’t watch this short film without getting upset. Not because it’s a sad film, because it isn’t. It’s a happy film.

I get upset because this kind of authenticity is so rare. The film was made when I was 1 year old, in 1969. 49 years ago.

There are two key moments but I would encourage you to watch the whole 6 minutes and 50 seconds.

The first amazing moment for me is from 3 minutes and 35 seconds to 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

Remember, this is 49 years ago. Mr. Rogers – in this 40 seconds – is addressing root causes of mental health problems in young people.

He is right. Almost 50 years ago, he understood.

If you watch from 5 minutes and 5 seconds through to the end you will see how Mr. Rogers explores how to talk to children as adults. With a song.

This is pioneering behaviour at it’s very best. Not many people I have ever met have been brave enough too express what they believe in in this way.

So please, at the end of reading this, watch it all.

How To Win

This final point sounds very patronising, but that’s OK.

Many younger people think that passionate rhetoric about a subject requires aggression, calculated persuasion, bravado, posturing, manipulation, play-acting, hyperbole, point scoring and high-fiving.

None of this is true.

And for the left brainers amongst you, this few minutes of heartfelt storytelling resulted in the ring-fencing of $20 million dollars in 1969. Today that’s about $140 million dollars. As the result of a 6 minutes of just talking.

It is worth 6 minutes and 50 seconds of your time for many reasons. So I hope you give it a go.

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I’d appreciate it. Thank  you.


  1. Thanks so much for this post and for sharing the video. I recently read a couple of books about Mr Rogers (who I’d never come across before) and have been utterly inspired by his open-heartedness and integrity. Such gentle courage.

  2. Alison Wilson Reply

    That was an amazing piece of footage. Loved it! I have a little boy, and I often see frustration, even anger in his behaviour but he has no clue what he is feeling or how the situation could unfold. It’s up to us as parents / adults to help our children understand and manage these feelings. The fact Mr Rogers talks about mental health 49 years ago in children is wonderful. The programs he made would be good for children today too.

    I’ll definitely read more about Mr Rogers! Sounds like an amazing guy, and just shows being genuine does pay off.

    • Spread the video around Alison please. If you don’t mind. I find it quite emotional as I say.

      I find it brilliantly sincere. It exposes the bullshitty, self-serving political figures that we have today for what they are.

      Have a great day and bye for now.


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