Matt Berry is most famous for Toast of London.

It won a BAFTA in 2015.

And I like it!


(And this will either bring us closer together.

Or it will drive a terrible wedge between us).

I really like Snuffbox as well.

A thing that Matt Berry did from 2006.


No single clip of Snuffbox will help you to understand what’s going on.

It’s too weird.

So here’s a YouTube search you can cut-and-paste:

And here’s where you can buy it on Amazon:

And here’s the theme tune.



Talent and timing.

Believe in both.

Because if today is not your time.

Tomorrow might be.


It’s great listening to this song.

It’s a reminder.

For me at least.

That talent exists.

That world class exists.

But also a reminder that timing is important, too.

Because it was Tracy’s performance at Nelson Mandela’s 70th Birthday Tribute that was the catalyst for real success here.

And the reason she played ?

Because Stevie Wonder was double booked.

Before the concert Tracy Chapman had sold 250,000 albums.

In the two weeks after the concert she sold 2,000,000.

Talent and Timing.

Talent and timing.

Believe in both.

Because if today is not your time.

Tomorrow might be.

Go here:


Don’t be sad about getting old.

Because there is something far sadder.

And that’s not getting old.


Think about this.

As you listen to the song below in just a moment.

“Grow Old with Me” is one of the final songs written by John Lennon.

It was written by John.

For Yoko.

And recorded as a demo.

With Yoko.

Whilst John and Yoko were in Bermuda.

In the summer of 1980.

Then think about this.

John Lennon was shot dead by Mark Chapman on the 8th of December.

In the winter of 1980.

Grow Old With Me.

Here are John and Yoko singing “Grow Old With Me”.



I may spend an hour or more writing just one 50odd story.

A story devoured by the reader in 30 seconds.

But I want it to be right.


And even more extreme.

I suppose.

Is when I write for clients.

Because I blend the best of their brand.

With that which is most magnetic for the target.

Presented then so the words I create are seen as their words.

Not my words.

And in such a way that the target finds them irresistible.

And that takes me time.


An hour on one sentences is not unusual.

As I focus.

And concentrate.

And all that effort can feel disproportionate to me.

Unfair, even.

Until I compare what I do to what Mari Samuelsen does, of course.


I craft words with precision.

Whether I write for me.

Or you.

But I have the luxury of the zig.

And the zag.

And the pause.

And the reread.

Mari does not.

Mari has to get everything right first time.

World Class.

So the next time you feel frustrated or tired.

Because of the demands that the desire to be truly World Class put on you.

Watch this.

And imagine for a second.

That you applied as much focus on being truly World Class in your world.

As Mari does in hers.

And then.

If you’re anything like me.

Go back and start again.


It is my birthday today.

I am 52.

So this is my 730th consecutive daily 50odd story since my 50th birthday.

Which was the 26th of July, 2018.


Here is the song I chose for my 51st birthday:

And here is the song I have chosen for my 52nd:

Happy Birthday.

To me.

Just a really lovely way to start the day.

And a reminder that if you need help. 

To ask.

Or a reminder that if you know someone who may need help.

To ask them how they are.

Because they are probably as bad at asking for support as you are.

Suddenly my life is like a river
Taking me places I don’t want to go
But like all good men who swim too well
It takes all that I have just to cry for help
Then that voice in my head tells me no

Here it is: