She’s released 88 singles so far.

Plus 23 promotional singles.

And has charted with an additional 16 songs on top of those.

But I still think that Madonna’s fifth single in 1984 was her best one.


My favourite.

When I ran my creative agency.

A fine chap wandered in one day.

He asked us to create an album cover for him.

And here it is.

Let it Go. 

F’reez he was called.

‘Secrets’ was the name of the album.

And this song.

‘Let it Go.’

Is my favourite from that album.

See what you think.


I remember when I heard this for the first time.

I was 28.

Grown up.

It didn’t sound like music to me in 1996.

It sounded like a story.

And I remember it making me feel a little lost.

I remember thinking I was too old to be properly seduced by the drink and the drug themes.

(I never took drugs at all until I was 30.

So I was wrong about that.

But that’s another story).

And I also remember thinking I was too young to properly appreciate the sophistication of the work itself.


Now I’m older.

I realise that I am always too young for something.

And too old for something else.

We all are.

I suppose the trick is.

(And always was).

Finding out what we’re all just right for.

Right now.


The first winner of The Mercury Prize was in 1992.

Primal Scream for Screamadelica.

Then Suede

M People.

And then Portishead for Dummy.

Badly Drawn Boy in 2000.

The xx in 2010.

Michael Kiwanuka in 2020.

The Mercury Prize.

It is the music equivalent to the Booker Prize for literature and the Turner Prize for art.

The main objectives of the Prize are to recognise and celebrate artistic achievement, provide a snapshot of the year in music and to help introduce new albums from a range of music genres to a wider audience.


Here are all the winners:

And here are the 2020 judges: