I say ‘thank you’ to cashpoints.

And I say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to Alexa.

I think that being polite.

Even to electrical appliances.

Is important.

The Past. 

Thanking cashpoints.

In actual fact.

Goes back to my student days.

But back then I was not saying:

Thank you.

I was saying:

Thank God!

That it gave me some money at all.

So I could go to the pub.

Cheating Cashpoints. 

And this was a thing, too.

In my mind at least.

A thing that I used to do was to try to cheat cashpoints.

I used to withdraw (say) £20.

Knowing that that would take me right to my overdraft limit.

Then run.

As fast as I could.

To another cashpoint.

And try to withdraw another £20.

Before the bank’s ‘central brain’ (whatever that was) had cottoned on.

Then, if I managed to get my £40.

I’d feel great!

Because I’d won.

(Even though I hadn’t.

As I found out when the Bank Manager called me in to meet him.

Yes, they used to have time to meet you face-to-face.

And yes, they were almost always a ‘him’).


It was weird trying to cheat cashpoints as a teenager.

And it’s weird saying thank you to cashpoints as a 50 year old.

Thank goodness some things never change.

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