In a recent post we chatted about businesses that care.

I suggested that businesses have a responsibility to not only work towards satisfying what customers care about.

I suggested they should also educate markets to care about what matters to all of us.

Here is that story:

Part 2

This little story follows on.

So; if you do build a business that cares about something lovely and worthwhile, you also have to be amazing at what you do, of course.


Because you can’t hide a crap product or service behind a worthy cause.

Motivation v Gratification.

Please remember this.

Because it will help your business to matter more and to last longer.

The Motivation behind someone choosing you is linked to you being truly excellent, and telling your story well.

The Gratification they feel about having made the purchase is born, at least in part, from the greater good you do.

Your purpose, if you like.

A coffee brand that is nice to rainforests only works if the coffee is great.

Great coffee first…

…then add in something people should care about.

To build the brand, consolidate the purchase and build the community.

If you tick both of these boxes – Motivation and Gratification (and get them the right way round) you could do really well.

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