I just sent an email to my mate Carlo.

We spar from time to time on Zoom.

(He’s bigger than me. 

So it’s safer that way).

We spar on the subject of business.

We talk about the brilliant people we both know that run businesses.

(I include Carlo in those brilliant people, as it goes).

And we fight a bit about brand.

The email.

Here’s what I wrote:

Hello Carlo

Here’s Dave Trott taking the piss out of brand people.


You might have to log in. You get to read 1 article each month for free I think. Unless you’re a member. In which case you’re fine.

I like Dave Trott and I work hard to absorb what he says.

And to not be like the brand people he’s referring to here.

I’m evolving. I understand brand. But it’s only ever part of the recipe of business communications. I actually spend an increasing amount of my time in (pseudo) advertising. I say ‘pseudo’ because I am not supposed to be any good at it. As I have no training. But I’m actually not bad. Because I love classic advertising approaches. The wordplay and the imagery and the photography.

Brand is the bit of comms that is most ignored and/or done badly I think. Therein lies the opportunity.

But it is not the answer to everything. I just think that those that do do it well have the potential to have the edge over those that do not. But again, only if the brand is run consistently well – and as a true brand (keeping things simple etc.)

Anyhow. I had 5 minutes over a coffee. So I thought I’d message.


And that’s it.

I said this to another friend of mine quite recently too

(Yes, I have two friends.

Just two, mind.):

Brand is important.

But it’s not nearly as important as people like me will tell you it is.

What I mean by that is that I love the science, the application and the cut-and-thrust of brand definition and building.

I am learning all the time and it is one of my obsessions.

So of course I am going to dive deep.

To argue.

To fight so that my brands and your brands are stronger and better run than their brands.

But I also know that brand is not the full story.

For example, if your product or service is shit.

Or even sub-optimal.

You’ll probably fail.


So yes.

Brand is important.

And it is.

For many.

One of the best opportunities you have to get the edge over your competition.



Part of the story.

Never the whole story.

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