Here’s how brands function as brands – but keep a ‘human’ element, too.

(In other words, this is how businesses maintain a consistent brand experience across all touch points, aligned to Brand and Messaging Frameworks, without becoming stale or robotic).

It’s just a nice way of putting it:

“When you have a brand, there is no room for maverick interpretation. And yet individual acts of heroism are always welcome.”

What this means is that instinct and intuition play a part too. As well as brand leadership and control.

Frameworks… yes.

But the brand leader’s instincts and intuition, and the instincts and intuition of her or his wider team – how much everyone really, really, really gives a shit about the brand and the change it is dedicated to making, and how everybody cares about how every individual that come into contact with the brand actually feels – are just as important.

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