When Adele released ‘Someone Like You’ in 2011, 13 years ago (I know) I played it a lot. Too much, really. It’s a little story isn’t it? I remember the words. I relate. I pull a face when I sing it in the car and the shower.

Yesterday, I reconnected with an old friend. And part of the chatter was me quickly updating on my work. My eyes widened. I looked at him front-on. In the eyes. And, rocking from foot to foot, I sang:

“This company I work with is determined to reduce the world’s cable strikes – to zero. None! Their software is the world’s most used. And this other company provide cutting tools. They’re changing engineering though. Completely. They prescribe what’s needed so damn precisely and so damn quickly that client uptime rockets! And this other company, their kit’s the world’s toughest. And you know what, if everyone bought their kit, the global category’s positive impact on global warming would increase. Seriously! And this College I’m writing for, they’re the College that beats everyone when it comes to getting kids jobs. And this IP Company I work with, they’re not just protecting ideas. They’re creating whole new environments and thinking that actually means more and better ideas appear…”

Then I calmed down. Took a breath. Sipped my coffee. “Sorry.” I said. “So. You. What ‘you up to?” And on we chatted.

Brand and Marketing done properly is emotional, exciting, compelling, noisy, heartfelt and lovely. It’s a little story isn’t it? People remember the words. People relate. I pull a face when I’m talking about great brands.

It’s not, “Our business made a thing, sold a thing, they were happy, we were happy, here’s a testimonial, we grew our company, we’re doing well, we had a visitor, they had a nice time, blah, bleh, bleugh.”

That’s is not Marketing, or Brand. It’s just boring. That’s LinkedIn. (Well; most of it).

Brand and Marketing done properly, to me, feels like singing.

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