This really is a thing.

Lynx Body Spray.

With Marmite.

Brand Buddies.

I like this.

Because Lynx and Marmite as ‘Brand Buddies’ tickles your brain.

Because of the parallel brand strategies of the two brands.

They are, in fact, very similar.

And they know that a Marmite smelling body spray is going to get noticed.

And talked about.

And they know that you’re going to either love it or hate it.

And they know that you’re going to talk about whether you are a lover or a hater.

Seduced enough by this strange idea that you might.


Buy it.

The Point.

And that’s the point.

Getting noticed and talked about is the only way to begin as a brand.

Because if you don’t have that bit.

Nothing else matters.

And do the words lover, seduction, love and hate resonate and point to both brands?

Whether they are alone or whether they are together?


Of course they do.

So there is a strange and quite lovely logic to all of this.

And I really like that.

All Lovers.

The product is playfully being described as being, ‘For All Lovers’.

And Jamie Brooks, Lynx Brand Manager commented.

(In a carefully constructed, tongue-in-cheek statement, I might add):

By combining two iconic legends that have shaped dating and breakfast culture across the nation, we have created a product like no other that is sure to get lovers and haters spreading the news.

Get noticed.

Get noticed!

Because if you don’t have that bit.

Nothing else matters.

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