Each time somebody explores working with me, we either end up working together, or we very quickly agree why we should not. There’s never any competitive pitching, so no price erosion, no protracted process, no scope grabbing (wanting more for less) and no creepy-crawly cajolery from me. We’re either right for each other. Or we are not. It’s one-on-one.

This is because there is only one me. And I am not talking about me, the person. I am talking about me, the brand. I make this distinction (person v brand) because the above scenario should be true for any strong brand – whether that brand be a person or a business.

My brand is my ‘way’. It is what I authentically believe in and the change I want to make as a consequence, what I do, how well I do it, my tone, what it feels like to work with me, how well and how consistently I execute, and ongoing effectiveness.

This shines a light on perhaps the most important relationships in business. The relationship between brand and closing.

Strong brands have high close rates, with the right kinds of customer, for the right kind of work, at the right price point – for everybody. And the brand feels elated at the opportunity to march on and make their change.

Weak brands have low close rates. Or they win shitty work and feel momentarily satisfied because they can pay next months bills.

Brand better. Close better. One of the simplest and most difficult things to get right in business. But if and when you do get this right – it changes everything.

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