As a business, just as important as knowing how to be interesting. Is knowing when to be boring.

At the moment, I’m Brand & Marketing Director for 3 clients. And I write for 2 more. I first worked with one current client 15 years ago. And they are STILL saying they are special for the same old bloody reason as when I last worked with them. A decade and a half ago. Boring!

They’re now famous for this one thing. When any competitor says this one thing, they sound like they’re copying. When anyone asks what the one most important thing about this brand’s offering is, everybody’s Word of Mouth is exactly the same. ‘Good job the ‘one thing’ they now stand for is the most desirable ‘want’ in the minds of every single customer.

HOW they say the one thing is super interesting and compelling of course. That’s my job. But it is also my job to be completely and utterly boring with how I develop WHAT they say.

In short, I don’t.

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