I like Sir Billy Connolly.

Years ago I didn’t like him much, actually.

Because I thought he was one of those people that you’re supposed to like, as opposed to really like.

So I stayed away.

It was my loss.


Anyhow, here’s a 12 word quote from a poorly Billy Connolly.

He’s not well at the moment.

He’s older and wondering how long he will be around.

Well I want to thank him for these 12 words that he said in a recent TV programme.

It helped me.

And it will help you.

In fact, it is much more than a quote.

It’s a test.

For those wondering if you are creative (believe me, you are) and if it is worth doing your DAMNEDEST to get your creativity out and do your best work, not giving a toss for what others think or say about it, here’s what he said:

When you’ve created and created well, it is good company for you.


Sometimes, we are alone.

And those that put you down or laughed at your creativity and your bravery and your beautiful self-expression will not be there for you then.

But whatever it is that you have created – will.

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