I recognise that.

In my life.

I’ve been ‘known for’ different things.

By different people.

At different times.

And that got me thinking.

I wonder what I am ‘known for’ these days?

And more importantly.

Do I like it?

Known for.

I suppose some people call this Personal Brand, don’t they?

What they’re ‘known for’.

And there was a time.

When I ran onebestway.

The biggest and best known of the communications agencies that I created.

From the year 2000.

That onebestway took me over.

And all I was known for was onebestway.

So much so that when I closed onebestway in 2014.

I disappeared.

And that’s not good.



At that stage of my career.

I personally was known for nothing at all.

These Days.

These days.

I wonder more about what I am known for in the context of ‘who I am’.

Rather than ‘what I do’.

And that changes the focus of the question from:

I wonder what I am known for doing?


I wonder how I am known for being?

Being Not Doing. 

How you are perceived as ‘being’ is more important than what you are perceived as ‘doing’.

Because what you are doing, changes.

And how you are being.

Assuming you are being authentic of course.

That never changes.

So that’s why it’s a question worth asking.

I wonder how I am known for being?


More importantly.

(And a little more scarily).

Do I like it?

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