These days, my hair grows slower and falls out quicker. So I bought a spray-and-pills combo to encourage it to grow back.

Each morning for the last 3 months, my dog Frank has sat at my side, staring, as I pop pills, pump-spray my hair, massage my scalp for 30 seconds, then – as I have always done – ruffle little Frank’s head in the way he loves.

12 weeks in I am not sure if my hair has changed at all. But Frank the Bichon, quite suddenly, has the most magnificent, plump, 12 inch tall white beehive.

Now; that’s not true.

I mention it because this short story is to illustrate the importance of observational, imaginative, standout writing online. Triggered by my numerous encounters with business owners and teams that claim they have little interesting to say. And that this stops them writing.

To them I say it’s not that you don’t have anything to say. You’re just paralysed because you’re not relaxing, observing and using your imagination. You’re not being brave enough to see brilliant, entertaining stories all around you.

Fibbing about beehived Bichons may not be the answer for you. But do look around with fresh eyes. With humour. Be brave enough to be different.

We’ve all had enough of cloned content. Haven’t we?

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